Project Membership
The "member" script

Project Memberships

To use a project for your scientific calculations, you need to become a member of this project.

To list your current membership in (active) HPC projects, you can use

  • the command “cat ~/.project” (static view, updated nightly)
  • the command “member” without any parameters (dynamic / immediate view without update delay)

The “member” script

This command allows you to do most things with respect to project membership.

You can

  • list your current projects:
  • see the “owner” (aka persons of contact or project manager) of a project:
    member -p <project> -m
  • remove yourself from projects you no longer need:
    member -p <project> delete -u $USER
    Due to a slurm-internal permissions problem, this does not work yet!

If you require membership in a project, you list the project manager(s) using “-m” and ask (one of them) for being added to their project.


For all projects, their PoC/PMs have been defined as “coordinator”, giving them elevated rights in managing their own projects' memberships.

In addition to what mere members can, PoC/PM/coordinators may:

  • add TU-IDs of their team into their projects:
    member -p <project> add -u TU-ID,TU-ID,…
  • remove TU-IDs from their projects:
    member -p <project> remove -u TU-ID,TU-ID,…
  • promote others to be “coordinator”, eg. as substitute during extensive leaves (ie. sabbatical), or in case project management should be handed over to a successor:
    member -p <project> add -c TU-ID
  • remove themselves as “coordinator” (irreversible!):
    member -p <project> remove -c $USER

Using “member -m”, you can list all projects of which you are a coordinator (ie. where you have elevated rights).