Hints for Detailed Project Description

For M and L project proposals, you are requested to submit a detailed project description (DPD). This will be the basis for the scientific review. Please keep in mind to describe here your preliminary work regarding HPC, which justifies your resource requirements.
Please also use the current template linked under “Forms/Templates”.

Hints for Project report

At the end of the project, a final report has to be submitted, regardless of the project class. This report consists of a generally understandable abstract of the project's results (in German or in English).

For Small projects, the final report is part of applying for the follow-up project (chapter “Report”). If there is no follow-up project planned, please fill only this chapter “Report” of the project form and upload it as your final report.


For NHR-N- und NHR-L projects, please use the templates available from the NHR4CES portal.

  • This report will be published on the internet, or as a printed report of HPC Hessen (HLKLR). Therefore, printing and publishing rights of the report's pictures should be included.

Hints for Request for a Prolongation

You have to submit a new project proposal.

The final report for your expired S project is part of the new project application (chapter “Report”).

The „Detailed Project Description“ for a follow-up M and L project also contains the final report of the previous project, but in general resembles the structure of the initial project application. If there are no significant changes, you may copy parts of the original (but this should be marked).

Please use the same “forms / templates”.

Hints for Publications

The TU Biblio system contains the category „Hochleistungsrechner“ within the list „Divisions” (as a subcategory of „Hochschulrechenzentrum“). Please use this category for your research publications related to the Lichtenberg Cluster, so as to have your publications show up in this list.


Publishing the outcome of research the Lichtenberg cluster has been used for and communicating the role of the HRZ's work enhances public understanding of how we support your research. We thus kindly ask for an acknowledgment of the computing time grant in all your publications:

Calculations for this research were conducted on the Lichtenberg high performance computer of the TU Darmstadt.