Simplified procedure for users of server certificates via DFN-PKI


The DFN-CA issues DFN-PKI certificates for the TU Darmstadt. The certification authority is signed by globally recognized CAs, so that the corresponding certificates (e.g. for WWW servers) are automatically recognized by most web browsers. This means that no further action is required on the part of the user. If you already use this service, the procedure for server certificates has now been simplified for you.

The basis for this service is still the DFN-PKI service of the DFN. The new version of this service is based on the TCS offer of GÉANT, which is currently provided by Sectigo through their service Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM).

This results in two changes:

1.) The web interface for requesting certificates, is now protected by the TU-wide known single sing-on login.

2.) In addition to the well-known web interface, certificates can now also be issued via the ACME protocol.

More information about this service can be found on our web pages.