Switch now to Sophos Central Intercept X

The current antivirus solution, Sophos Anti-Virus, will reach its end-of-life on 20th July 2023.


Regularly updating the software is essential for antivirus solutions to effectively respond to the latest threats. The solution “Sophos Anti-Virus” provided by TUDa to its employees and students will lose its protective capabilities on 20th July 2023 since the manufacturer will no longer offer any updates from that point onwards. Take action now and migrate to the new end-point protection, “Sophos Central Intercept X,” managed by TUDa-CERT.

All the necessary information regarding its functionality and the general procedure for the entire TUDa, as well as the required installation files, can be found here: Endpoint Protection at TUDa.

The use of the centrally managed end-point protection solution will be mandatory for all TUDa devices upon its introduction.

In addition, employees and students of TU Darmstadt can now use Sophos Home for personal use free of charge. Further information about Sophos Home.