TU-IDs for guests and partners

Application process now simplified


Persons who are neither staff members nor students of the TU Darmstadt students of the TU Darmstadt can obtain a TU-ID, provided that they have a justified interest in access to the IT systems of the TU Darmstadt. The procedure for applying for these guest TU-IDs can now be handled digitally.

Who who would like to apply for a TU-ID for guests and partners, can now use a simplified, paperless procedure.

The process will still be initiated by a responsible member of staff. The responsible person initially only needs the e-mail address of the guest's email address to send an invitation to register in the IDM portal. The remaining contact data can then be entered by the guest himself.

Subsequently the responsible person identifies the guest as before by means of an official identification document. The guest contract is then drawn up and the guest receives the TU-ID.

Things to know about the TU-ID for guests and partners

Who can receive such a TU-ID and all details about the application process can be found here.