How to apply for a TU-ID for guests and partners

Individuals who are neither employees nor students at TU Darmstadt may receive a TU-ID based on a guest contract if there is a legitimate interest in accessing the IT systems of TU Darmstadt.

If only internet access is required, please apply for a WLAN visitor account and not a guest contract. This can be requested in the IDM portal in the menu area “WLAN visitor” (WLAN Besucher).

Who can receive a guest contract?

Individuals with interests that justify TU identification:

  • external doctoral students doing research at TU Darmstadt departments
  • student assistants from other universities who work for a TU Darmstadt institution
  • research partners, guest professors, emeriti
  • members of “Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt E.V.”

How can a TU ID be requested for a guest?

As an employee of the TU Darmstadt, you can apply for a guest contract for your guests. Being the applicant, you are

  • the according contact person,
  • responsible for your guests and
  • you verify the identity of your future guests by checking their ID card.

You can apply for a Guest TU-ID via IDM-Portal in the menu "Gäste“.

Afterwards, your future guests will receive an email with a link where they can enter their contact details.

After that, you have to confirm the data with an identification document.

Afterwards, the guest contract will be created and your guest will receive a mail with which the TU-ID can be activated. Learn more