Your personal access to the central IT services of the TU

The TU-ID is your central user ID. It gives you access to various systems of TU-Darmstadt, for example TUCaN, Moodle and e-mail.

User groups

All students and employees of TU Darmstadt automatically receive an unchangeable TU-ID, when they start studying or working at TU Darmstadt. However, users still have to activate these independently via IDM-Portal.

Individuals who are neither employees nor students at TU Darmstadt may receive a Guest TU-ID if there is a legitimate interest in accessing the IT systems of TU Darmstadt. How to apply for a TU-ID for guests and partners

Service characteristics

The TU-ID is a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. ab12efyz).

It is defined once and cannot be changed. Even in case of a change of affiliation (e.g. from guest to employee) the TU-ID will remain the same.

With the TU-ID you can use the following offers at the TU, for example: TU-VPN , Moodle, TUCaN, PC pools , Printing for students

Administrators at TU Darmstadt have the possibility to create groups of TU-IDs after connecting their service to e.g. the SSO , which can be maintained via the IDM portal. Details can be found on our Group Management web page.

In addition to the personal TU-IDs described here, there is also the possibility to apply for second accounts or technical accounts for various use cases. Details can be found on the TU-TechIDs website.

How to get your TU-ID

To activate your TU-ID you need an activation code.

  • Students will find the activation code under Internet access code on their student data sheet.
  • New employees receive a PDF letter with the activation code sent to a private e-mail address on request. To do so, please contact the HRZ Service by telephone or via the contact form 2-3 weekdays before the start of work.
  • Guests receive the activation letter to the e-mail address specified in the guest and partner application.

Your TU-ID has to be activated via the IDM portal. Here you will be guided step by step through the activation process.

The following information is required for activation:

  • Activation code from the activation letter
  • Date of birth
  • Matriculation number/Personnel number/GuP number

If you have any problems with the activation, please contact our our support .

Activate your TU-ID now

After you have activated your TU ID, you can manage it in the IDM portal.

You can find our IDM-Portal at https://www.idm.tu-darmstadt.de.

Here you can:

  • change your password
  • change your emergency contact, which is required to restore your password
  • view your data sheet and enquire how HRZ uses your personal data
  • configure your email
  • view group memberships
  • give and revoke consent to terms of use

Employees can additionally:

  • set up WLAN visitor accounts
  • apply for, view and extend TU-IDs for guests and partners
  • maintain your official contact details


  • Your TU-ID is public. Keep the password secret!
    Tips for a secure password
  • There are differences between TU-IDs and WiFi visitor accounts. Read more
  • In most cases you log in to the central IT systems with your TU-ID as login name and the TU-ID password. For technical reasons, there are a few exceptions. For details, please click here .

The service is free of charge.