Login names

In most cases you log in to the services of the TU Darmstadt with your TU-ID and your TU-ID password. For some services, however, you have to use a different login name instead of your TU-ID.

Your login names

Depending on the user group, different login names are available to you. You can view your current login names in the IDM portal under Account.

Service-specific login names

Below you will find information which login name you have to use for the services where the login name differs from your TU-ID.

For most services you use your central TU-ID password. However, some services also use service-specific passwords.

Service User groups Login name Password
Microsoft 365 / O365 Employees Cloud-ID (opens in new tab) TU-ID password
Students Student email address
Zoom Everyone Email adress
(see service webpage )
eduroam Everyone WLAN-Account account-specific
All other services Everyone TU-ID TU-ID password