WiFi (eduroam)
Your mobile access to the TU Darmstadt network

At the TU Darmstadt there is almost complete access to WiFi via eduroam. This gives you uncomplicated and free Internet access with your mobile devices no matter where you are.

User groups

As a member of TU Darmstadt, you can access the internet via WiFi eduroam using your TU-ID and password. Guests of TU Darmstadt as well as members of other universities and research institutions can also use TU Darmstadt's WiFi via the eduroam network.

How do I set up my WiFi?

DFN-Verein offers an automatic configuration tool for most operating systems, the Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT).

The recommended security settings (certificates and host name of the authentication server) are set automatically.

Enter the following data for using WiFi:

User ID: TU-ID@tu-darmstadt.de
Password: TU-ID password

If the automatic configuration does not work with the tool, you can also set up access manually. Instructions can be found here.

Guest accesses can be set up independently by TU Darmstadt staff members by use of the according IDM portal:

Terms of use and tips

Set up WLAN guest accounts

Guests who are members of the eduroam network via their institution can log in via their home account:

Notes and requirements

  • WiFi coverage on campus is almost area-wide. There are certain zones without WiFi in the cafeterias (Otto-Berndt-Halle) because these locations are not considered work areas.
  • within the congress center “darmstadtium”
  • worldwide eduroam locations: www.eduroam.org

WiFi use via eduroam is free of charge.