WLAN (eduroam)
WiFi access for visitors without an Eduroam/DFN roaming account

A conference is pending and participants want access to TU Darmstadt's WiFi? Do you have a fellow researcher visiting you, who needs Internet access at short notice?

Setting up a WLAN visitor account

Setting up WLAN accounts for visitors
Setting up WLAN accounts for visitors

As an employee of TU Darmstadt, you can set up your own visitor access (visitor accounts) regarding TU Darmstadt's WiFi with just a few clicks. This is done by help of the IDM portal under “Persönliche Accountverwaltung” > “WLAN Besucher”.

Please note that guests with a WLAN visitor account cannot set up their WLAN access via the eduroam CAT software like students or employees of TU Darmstadt. The configuration can only be done manually.

For this purpose, it is best to follow the manual configuration instructions on this page that correspond to your operating system.

With WiFi visitor access, WiFi at TU Darmstadt is available to your guests for free. The start time and also the duration of accounts can be selected individually; levels range from one day to six months. After a validity period has expired, HRZ deactivates and deletes accounts automatically.

Terms of use

The individual that creates a visitor account must inform its user about the according user regulations and IT security guidline of TU Darmstadt . If HRZ determines that an account is being misused, it will delete the affected visitor account immediately. The person who created it may no longer be able create any accounts in the future.

Employees are obliged to document the accounts they have created. They will receive relevant forms by e-mail when the accounts are created. These documents must be made available for at least 8 days and destroyed by a maximum of 14 days after the last account expires. HRZ service is available for questions about operating this system.

A practical tip

Printed out and cut out, the access data can already be inserted into attachable name tags, while preparing a conference. Each conference visitor can then receive such a personal access code directly with the according name tag.