Your secure connection to TU Network

You want to access the data network of TU Darmstadt or the Internet outside the TU Darmstadt via a secure connection? Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology not only enables a secure and authenticated connection to the TU network to be set up, but also provides access to resources that are only released for use by students and staff at the TU.

User groups

The service is available to any person with a TU-ID.

Service characteristics

Two profiles are available…

Profil “extern”

With this profile you receive an IP address from TU Network and only connections to TU are routed via VPN client. The use of internal resources is thus possible. For example, you can work in First Spirit from outside TU Darmstadt.

Profil “campus”

With this profile you receive an IP address from TU Network and all connections are routed via VPN. This also allows access to external resources. For example, the electronic journal library of ULB can be used from home.

External connections are faster than those with the profile “campus”. The profile “external” should therefore be preferred, if no external resources need to be used as a TU member.

How can I establish a VPN connection?

To establish the connection, all you need is a VPN client on your computer and an active TU-ID.
Download and installation instructions.

VPN connections from dormitories

Access to the VPN gateways is prevented from the student dormitories. This is due to the fact that the volume of external traffic to the dormitories is limited on a monthly basis. By using the VPN gateways, this restriction would be avoided.

The latest versions of the following systems are supported: Windows, MacOS, Linux 64bit, Android and iOS.

Other operating systems can use the service via free software (e.g. OpenConnect). However, HRZ cannot offer support for this. Still, user support is provided during installation.

The service is free of charge.