WiFi with individual SSID
Your WiFi access to your institute network

HRZ offers organizational units of TU Darmstadt provision of WiFi access with its own identifier (SSID) on the centrally operated access points (AP) of TU.

User groups

The service WiFi with individual SSID is aimed at departments and central institutions of TU Darmstadt as well as their subunits, for example departments.

Service characteristics

The services offers...

The service can be used to create your individual Wi-Fi access to an institute network in a defined area, for example for office, test or laboratory space.

  • A network is entered as a WPA2-PSK network with an agreed password, or
  • the individual authentication is carried out via selected TU-IDs (web interface) or via a self-operated authentication server (RADIUS).

Important security information

Clients are responsible for the security and compliance with the corresponding policies of TU (IT-Security Policy , WiFi-Policy ).

This offer is subject to a fee. An overview of the prices can be found here .