Network access and data network

For all members of TU Darmstadt

WiFi (eduroam) : Almost area-wide Internet access on campus and in “darmstadtium” congress centre

TU VPN : Secure connection to TU network and access to services outside the TU data network

For departments and institutions

Connectivity of decentralised networks : Connection to TU's network through HRZ, network operation itself is handed over to the respective organizational unit

Grid connections for devices (PC, server,…): Operation of the institute network by the HRZ

Firewall + VPN for TU facilities : Installation & operation of a firewall and VPN for the institute network

Domain registration : Requesting domains under “” (internal domain) and 2nd level domains (external domain)

Computer registration : Registration of workstations in the network of TU Darmstadt via IPv4 and/or IPv6

Nameserver (DNS) : Alias entry and MX-Record, DNS delegation

Virtual Routing Domain (VRF) : Technology that enables facilities, distributed over several buildings, to set up their “own” L3 network

WiFi with individual SSID : Provision of WiFi with own identification (SSID)

For guests

Wi-Fi (eduroam) : Setting up guest accounts, access for members of the eduroam network