Long Range Wide Area Network at TU Darmstadt

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network and means or enables energy-efficient transmission of data over long distances. The LoRaWAN coverage at TU Darmstadt at the two locations Lichtwiese and Stadtmitte is currently in the planning or construction phase.

Who can use LoRaWAN?

LoRaWAN is available to all TU members, registration with the HRZ is not necessary.

Currently, the HRZ has registered a gateway with TTN (The Things Network), more are being planned.

Please contact us if a specific area is to be covered.

LoRaWAN at a glance

Specially developed for the Internet of Things (IoT), LoRaWAN makes it possible to manage several hundred sensors within a network and to process sensor data. License-free frequencies are used for transmission (e.g. 868 MHz in Europe).

A LoRaWAN consists of at least three components: a node (sensor), a gateway and a LoRa server. The gateway acts as an interface between the energy-efficient LoRa radio transmission and the high-performance connection to the server.

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