Domain registration

The service domain registration includes the application of domains under "" (internal domain) and the application of 2nd level domains (external domain).

User groups

The service is designed for all organisational units of TU Darmstadt


The TU Darmstadt data network is operated in cooperation between the HRZ and the TU institutes. In order for your computers to have access to the Internet, all computers connected to the university network must be registered with the HRZ. Your way there is to apply for a domain under “”.

General conditions

  • Each faculty has one LAN representative who is responsible for basic network issues.
    List of LAN representatives
  • Each institute/working group has one contact person as well as domain and subnet commissioners. The contact person must be a member of the institute. The number of domain and subnetwork agents is not limited.
    List of domain representatives
  • Structure of the domain name: [institute]
  • The domain commissioner is responsible for the logical order in his/her domain. Him/her is assigned a subnet according to his/her requirements. She/he assigns the computer names and makes sure that the names within her/his domain are unambiguous. The subnet commissioner is basically responsible for a physical piece of cable. He/she assigns unique Internet addresses (IP addresses) in this area. The domain commissioner is normally also the subnet commissioner. See also tasks and duties of the domain commissioner (opens in new tab) .

How do I apply for a domain name?

  • Please request your internal domain by sending an e-mail to .
  • Domain names directly under are subject to approval and must be requested from the department of communication and media.
  • Computer registrations are sent to with the subject [netdb] by the domain administrator. Further information on computer registration can be found here .


The service is free of charge

For external projects, collaborative research areas, conferences and similar purposes, you can register for a 2nd-level-domain with HRZ.

How does the registration work?

  • To apply for a domain outside the namespace “” please use the following forms, according to respective billing methods:
  • Send the completed registration form to .


This offer is subject to a fee. An overview of the prices can be found here .