Virtual routing domain (VRF)

TU Darmstadt's network is structured as a routed network (L3 network). L2 networks are not provided outside of buildings. Meanwhile it is possible to make virtual routing domains (Virtual Routing and Forwarding – VRF) available for TU-Darmstadt's network. This means that a “separate” L3 network can be set up for user groups (e.g. institutes) that are physically distributed over several buildings. Access to this closed network takes place at a defined point and this can be secured via firewall.

User groups

This service can be ordered by organisational units of TU Darmstadt.

Service characteristics

The service offers...

  • setting up a closed private network, which can also be arranged across devisions
  • providing an interface and access to this private network
  • supervision of interfaces and traffic between devisions
  • high availability in terms of fail-safety by use of redundancies regarding involved routers
  • end-to-end support for troubleshooting

Please note that L2 networks are not made available outside of buildings.

  • HRZ network components that are used at TU Darmstadt need to be MPLS-capable. This is verified by HRZ as soon as you apply for this service and inform us about the areas that you want to have covered.
  • An agreement (opens in new tab) between your institute and HRZ is concluded.

This offer is subject to a fee. An overview of the prices can be found here .

Please contact us via our contact form and we will discuss the further procedure with you.