Connectivity of decentralised networks
Your connection to TU's network - Network operation by institutions

To be able to operate a local network (institute network) at your institute, department or institution, you need a connection to TU's network. This connection is provided by HRZ. The network operation itself is handed over to the respective organizational unit, which is solely responsible for it.

User groups

TU Darmstadt's organizational units can order this service.

Service characteristics

The service offers...

  • connecting your local network to TU Darmstadt's core network (TU network) by means of necessary fiber optic or fiber optic connection
  • setting up an IPv4 network and additionally an IPv6 prefix, if required
  • setting up a transfer network with an individual firewall
  • trouble-shooting and support
  • documentation of technical interfaces and concrete implementation
  • provision of a modern speed connection of 10 Gbit/s

In order to operate the service professionally, facilities and HRZ must work closely together. Technical contacts are required on both sides.

In order to regulate the interface between an institution and HRZ, the service description (in German) serves in conjunction with an agreement on the operation of the connection for the client's network to the core network of TU Darmstadt.

Planning and developing an institute network is carried out in close cooperation between HRZ, Department V and the respective institute. Within an initial conversation about planning on site, the procedure is discussed between the parties involved.

Please contact us via our contact form .

Establishing a new institute network connection usually takes place within 10 working days.

Connecting decentralized networks is free of charge.

The responsible department at HRZ is available as a service provider for consultation, troubleshooting and configuration. This concerns network devices operated within an institute and within the scope of its personnel resources. If this is the case, billing takes place at an hourly rate of 60 EUR.