Core network
Internet and WiFi

The HRZ provides the infrastructure for using the internet at TU Darmstadt. The framework for this type of networking is available due to TU Darmstadt's core network.

It connects areas at TU Darmstadt by use of long-distance fiber lines (40 gigabytes(GBit/s). Most buildings are connected to TU Darmstadt's core network redundantly at 2x40GBit/s oder 2x10GBit/s. The according Internet connection is made possible by a redundant firewall 10GBit/s connectivity.

Almost all areas at TU Darmstadt, especially lecture halls, are equipped with highly efficient WiFi . Currently, 2.500 available transmitters are in use at TU Darmstadt.

In order to make TU Darmstadt's resources available on an international basis, HRZ maintains VPN access . HRZ is also part of eduroam network . This makes it possible for members of TU Darmstadt, for example, to make use of offers at ULB Darmstadt from at home or abroad. It is also possible to access TU Darmstadt's WiFi from external universities. Guests associated with institutions other than TU Darmstadt also have the possibility to go online at TU Darmstadt via eduroam or an according guest account .

HRZ offers institutions and subject areas the option to operate data connections and firewalls with VPN access . It also offers telephone services. In case of construction projects HRZ advises Dezernat V in terms of data networking and it also plans the provision of WiFi in these cases.