Using the DFN time planner, DFNconf and other DFN services

Via the authentication and authorisation infrastructure in the German Research Network (DFN-AAI), members of TU Darmstadt can use certain services of the universities participating in the German Research Network (DFN).

To use these services, a one-time activation via the IDM portal of TU Darmstadt is required.

Activating DFN-AAI

Log in to the IDM-Portal and go to the menu “Zustimmungen”.

The IDM portal shows you which data are forwarded to DFN-Association so that you can authenticate yourself via DFN-AAI. These are: Surname, first name, TU-ID, TU e-mail address and a unique identification from the IDM system.

To give your consent, click on “Zustimmung erteilen”.

Now you can use several services within the DFN-AAI network. To do so, always log in with TU-ID and the corresponding password. For further information, please visit: https://doku.tid.dfn.de/de:access_services.

You can reverse your consent to use DFN-AAI at any time by clicking on the button Zustimmung zurücknehmen". Afterwards, the services via DFN-AAI will no longer be available to you.