Preparations for the new “Unified Communications” communication solution


The telephone systems used at the TU Darmstadt, which are no longer up to date, are to be replaced by a new “unified communications” solution. In order to be able to take into account the different needs within the TU, a workshop with representatives from different areas within the TU Darmstadt took place at the end of May with the support of the Digitalisation Office (Digitalisierungsbüro – DiB).

There is a need to replace the telephone systems used at the TU Darmstadt, which are no longer up to date, and to introduce a new communication solution with “Unified Communications”. The Executive Board has commissioned the HRZ to put this out to tender again. The goal is to use this as a uniform solution for internal and external communication in the future. In order for those responsible at the HRZ to know how communication currently takes place in the facilities, departments or institutes and what needs are seen in the future, the HRZ invited numerous TU stakeholders as representatives to a two-part workshop (31.05. and 14.06.2023).

The workshop was about getting to know the needs of the employees at the TU Darmstadt regarding the topic of communication. In addition to naming the countless communication options, it was also possible to define different target groups and assign them to roles within the university.

In the second workshop date, it will now be defined which communication channels should be part of the project, which focus should be set and the requirements refined and supplemented.

The insights gained iteratively by the participants in the event will form the basis for checking the tender for the new communication system against the technical possibilities and assessing criteria in relation to the workshop outcome. With the help of the workshop, those responsible at the HRZ expect to come closer to the goal of “TU-wide solutions for up-to-date internal and external communication for members of the university” and to achieve the best possible basis for the tender.

The HRZ would like to thank the Digitisation Office (DiB) for organising and moderating the workshop, the participants for their great support and all users for their patience.