Rollout of new SPAM/virus filters for e-mails via the German Research Network (DFN)

The University Computer Centre (HRZ) will change its SPAM/virus defence provider on 01.07.2023.


From July this year, the HRZ will manage SPAM and virus defence through the German Research Network (DFN). The previous provider Sophos will discontinue its Puremessage product on 1 July 2023.

E-mail users of the TU Darmstadt do not have to become active. For them, the change will happen unnoticed. However, as the administrator of your department's email mailbox server, you have to become active by 27 June 2023 and apply to the HRZ to switch to the DFN mail portal.

If the changeover does not take place by 01 July 2023, e-mail reception will no longer be possible!

You can find all the information you need about the change and the procedure here: New SPAM/virus filter for e-mails