eduroam use with Apple devices

Solve connection problems through account allocation


Automatic synchronisation via iCloud can lead to connection problems when authenticating Apple devices in the WiFi (eduroam). The HRZ recommends adjusting the WLAN accounts for Apple devices.

To protect your personal TU-ID access data, it is required to create and use device-specific identifiers and passwords for WiFi access (eduroam) since August this year. This means that each of your devices that needs to connect to the eduroam network can use its own identifier and password.

This way, for example, if a device is lost or if the password is compromised, the corresponding account for this device can be blocked without affecting other devices or even your TU ID.

With Apple devices, however, this procedure can unfortunately lead to difficulties in dialing into eduroam in some cases. Apple wants to make it particularly easy for users and synchronises the WiFi access data via iCloud. Unfortunately, this exchange does not always work flawlessly, and those affected then experience sporadic connection problems to the WiFi.

The HRZ therefore recommends using one WLAN account for all Apple devices (opens in new tab) that are linked to an Apple ID.