E-mail domains via the central HRZ mail gateway

Apply now for conversion at the HRZ


E-mail domains that are not yet registered with the HRZ and run via the central mail gateway must be registered by the responsible administrators via a web form before the firewall is switched over in mid-September.

In order to improve the protection of the central mail gateway and thus make an important contribution to the increased security level in the science network, the HRZ is required to ensure SPAM and virus protection via the German Research Network (DFN).

This means that all incoming and outgoing e-mails must be routed via the DFN portal in future.

Administrators of decentralised e-mail servers must register e-mail domains that have not yet been converted.

In order to ensure that e-mail traffic continues to run smoothly, we ask all administrators to register e-mail domains that have not yet been converted promptly via our web form at the HRZ.

Please also bear in mind that the target e-mail address must be entered on a so-called whitelist (database of legitimate domains).

Firewall changeover as of 15 September 2023

From 15 September, the HRZ will change the firewall in such a way that then only e-mails will be forwarded externally or to the DFN mail protection.