Photo for your Athena Card
Replacement photo for employees

It is not mandatory for employees of TU Darmstadt to display a photo on their Athena Card. Employees are free to decide whether they want to do so.

However, many important features are only accessible when including a photograph.

In case you decide NOT to include a photo, you will NOT be able to access the following functions

  • TU Darmstadt's internal photo ID
  • Lending books from ULB library under special conditions for employees (e.g. longer lending times, better terms in regard to dunning, interlibrary loans). Without a photograph, your Athena Card will lose its validity as a library card. Thus you will be understood to have a regional membership with ULB.
  • Job-Ticket “Mobilitätskarte”
  • Photo ID for accessing Unifit gyms
  • Photo ID at HRZ service and the University Computing Centre (HRZ)
  • Possibly further upcoming features

Selecting a placeholder instead of a photo

If you do not want a photo displayed on your Athena Card, a silhouette will be printed instead. Please save the corresponding silhouette (see below) on your computer and upload it as your photograph for your Athena Card.

Please note once again that you are giving up various features of the card by deciding not to include a photo. This may require additional efforts and resources for further processes associated with your Athena Card in the future.

In order for you to use your Athena Card as your mobility card, a photograph is required!

Replacement images for download (Please click and save)

Silhouette of woman

Silhouette of man