Campus software

The Technische Universität Darmstadt has concluded a large number of campus licences and framework agreements with the manufacturers so that institutions can benefit from the corresponding volume discounts. Some of the licences are also available for students.

Product For teachers/researchers For students
Data analysis, statistics, etc.
SPSS subject to a fee subject to a fee
Matlab financed by the FB financed by the FB
Mathematica subject to a fee
Origin Pro subject to a fee partly free of charge
NAG Library free of charge free of charge
Finite-element-analysis, etc.
ANSYS subject to a fee Students' version
Dassault Abaqus subject to a fee Students' version
MSC Adams,
free of charge
PTC Creo free of charge
PLM NX free of charge Students' version
PLM Solidedge Students' version
Mathworks Roadrunner free of charge free of charge
CorelCAD free of charge
System development
LabVIEW subject to a fee free of charge
Literature administration
Citavi free of charge
The university joined a new campus contract for Microsoft products in May 2021. For employees, however, the provision is currently still delayed due to data protection and organizational clarifications. Details can be found here.

For staff, remaining Microsoft products can be purchased under the Select Plus framework contract for research and teaching.
Microsoft desktop products For employees For students
Windows 10 Edu (Upgrade licence) free of charge (in preperation) free of charge
Office 365 (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
Microsoft server products
Windows Server, SQL Server subject to a fee (Select Plus)
Exchange Server, Sharepoint Server free of charge (in preperation)
CALs for Windows Server subject to a fee (Select Plus)

A list of freely available software (open source, freeware, etc.) can be found here.

For workplaces managed by workplace support (e.g. in central administration), please also see this page.

Software is subject to the reproduction prohibition of copyright law.

Making copies contradicts the copyright regulations and the license agreements concluded by TU Darmstadt. Passing on software to third parties in any form “loan, sale, rental” is not permitted. The right to distribute software remains with the author. Passing on programs constitutes unlawful processing. The absence of copy protection does not entitle the user to copy software for distribution or resale. The installation of so-called pirate copies on the computers and servers at and belonging to TU Darmstadt is prohibited.

Licensing agreements for the use of products in teaching and research have been concluded for almost all programs. Use of programs for other purposes must be approved by a respective licensor. This may also apply to projects financed by third parties and in case of cooperation with private enterprises. Please ask the licensor in time if you are allowed to use the program after the expiration of the according license.

Please read the following user regulations and guidelines: Benutzungsordnung für IT-Systeme der TU Darmstadt (opens in new tab)as well as the guideline on ethical and legal questions of software use (opens in new tab). Violation of applicable law is punishable by law.