Secure storage! Working in collaboration!

As a sync & share system, Hessenbox-DA offers employees and students of the TU Darmstadt an alternative to commercial services that complies with data protection and copyright laws.

Hessenbox-DA allows files such as projects, presentations, scripts or homework to be stored online and to be synchronized between different devices. Therefore information is always available in its most up-to-date form, regardless of whether you want to access it in the lecture hall, on campus, on a PC or on the road via notebooks or smartphones. It is also possible to specifically share and release files to support collaborative editing.

User groups and registration

  • Employees of TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 100 GB at their disposal.
  • Students of TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 30 GB at their disposal.
  • Guests can register to the system. They do not have their own memory, but can access memory that has been released for them by employees.
  • External users (without a TU-ID) can use Hessenbox-DA if employees have set up access to the system for them.

You want to start right away? In this short instruction (opens in new tab) (only in German) you find the most important information on how to use Hessenbox-DA.

The initial registration takes place in the IDM-Portal

Service characteristics

Hessenbox-DA offers...

  • 30 GB for students and 100 GB for employees
  • A way to store your data centrally and access it on the move
  • Sharing files with employees and students of TU, persons with guest TU-ID and with external persons to whom you have granted access
  • Download of your files by persons to whom you have granted access
  • Online editing of documents with OnlyOffice in a web browser

Access to the Hessenbox-DA is via client software for the operating systems (MS Windows, Apple MacOS X, Linux, Apple iOS and Android) provided by the HRZ, via a web browser or via Windows Explorer. Further system requirements

The service is free of charge.