Mailing lists

Via mailing lists, the HRZ offers members of TU Darmstadt the opportunity to exchange information via e-mail within a targeted group of recipients.The HRZ manages these public and central mailing lists of the TU Darmstadt, while they are maintained independently by the respective list managers.

User groups

Mailing lists can be requested by all institutions (departments, central institutions), central administration, university groups and student committees of TU Darmstadt.

Service characteristics

Mailing lists offers...

  • Mailing lists are operated within the Mailman software.
  • List administrators maintain their distribution and mailing lists independently.
  • List administrators have individual settings available for their mailing lists.

The address of a desired mailing list is: If possible, the desired name should include the abbreviation or name of the corresponding institution, to avoid conflicts with general lists.

No other mail domains are currently offered.

Double opt-in procedure for subscriptions to mailing lists

The law stipulates that a subscription to a mailing list (or newsletter) may only take place with the help of a double opt-in procedure. In concrete terms, this means that after a person has requested an entry, he or she must confirm the request again. An e-mail with a confirmation link will be sent to the specified e-mail address. Only when this has been confirmed does the person become a member of a mailing list.

The Douple-Opt-In procedure is set as standard for new lists and should not be changed!

E-mail addresses are personal data!

Since (almost all) e-mail addresses are basically personal data, it must be prevented that other persons in a mailing list may access this data. For this reason, the option of viewing a member list of new mailing lists is restricted to list administration by default. This should not be changed!

This service is subject to a fee. An overview of the prices can be found here .