Media server

The HRZ operates the servers that are necessary for the distribution of video streams on the Internet. This way, the services live broadcast of events, video on demand and download of media files become possible.

User groups

The media server can be used by all employees of TU Darmstadt to provide streams, videos & media files.

Service characteristics

Media servers offers...

  • Live broadcast of events
    Live streaming to the Internet is available from almost every central lecture room.
  • Video on demand
    Any video material (complex productions or live recordings) can be stored as a video stream on the streaming server of the Media Services group. These can then be played “on demand”.
  • Download media files
    Any kind of multimedia files can be stored on the media server and be made available for download via ftp. This can be used, for example, to distribute videos on the TU Darmstadt intranet.

The media server is accessed via the media portal:

To the media portal of TU Darmstadt

If you want to stream your lecture live from the lecture hall to the internet, please contact as early as the lecture planning stage. Unique events must be requested at least 10 working days before the event date.

If you want to distribute videos or other media files via the media server, contact us by e-mail as well.

The live streaming of the event on the web is open worldwide and takes place without access protection. Media used within the presentation must be free of copyright infringements. The responsibility for the observance of copyright towards third parties is up to the person who offers the event via stream.

The service is free of charge.