Mobile phone

Employees of TU Darmstadt can apply for business mobile phones via HRZ and get an individualized T-Mobile contract within the according framework contract of the state of Hesse.

User groups

Employees of TU Darmstadt can use this service. We are happy to assist you and take care of the contract management for your service mobile phone.

You can also use our consultation form to find the right rate that suits you, including the costs incurred. For a direct consultation you can also reach us by phone: +49 171 3085965.

The following one-minute video (in German) explains the most important aspects of business mobile phones.

How to – Questions about business mobile phones

Service characteristics

We can...

  • give you personal advice on current tariffs and devices.
  • conclude new contracts (with or without device) and number portability (see general conditions).
  • renew your current contract and, if necessary, optimize conditions.
  • termination of your current contract.
  • procure manufacturer-independent end devices (also without a contract).

To apply for a mobile phone contract and/or an end device, please use our application forms.

The processing time takes approx. three working days. Delivery times for the end devices may vary depending on T-Mobile's delivery conditions.

Number portability

Number portability is only possible, if the contract to be transferred has been concluded with Deutsche Telekom. Please allow for a lead time of four weeks.

Prices depend on the tariffs offered or used. Please find according information in the internal area.