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Hessenbox-DA is a Sync & Share system.

Hessenbox-DA is a Sync & Share system that offers employees and students at TU Darmstadt an alternative to commercial services, compliant with data privacy and copyright law.

With Hessenbox-DA it is possible to store data, such as projects, presentations, scripts and papers online and synchronize them between various devices. Consequently, information is available on demand, no matter where this data is accessed from. For example, this system allows working on projects on and off campus, while using notebooks or smart phones. Users can also share and release selected data in order to simplify cooperative work flows.

Service Characteristics: Hessenbox-DA Offers …

  • 30 GB for students and 100 GB for employees
  • The possibility to save data on a server and access it from mobile devices
  • The possibility to share files with employees, students and guests of TU Darmstadt as well as with external persons, whom you grant access
  • File downloads for people you entitled.
  • Online editing of documents with OnlyOffice in your web browser

Who is entitled to use Hessenbox? Where can they log in?

  • Employees of the TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 100 GB at their disposal. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • Students of the TU Darmstadt have a storage capacity of 30 GB at their disposal. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • Guests can log on to the system, but do not have their own memory, but can access memory released for them by employees. Sign up for Hessenbox-DA
  • External users (without TU-ID) can use Hessenbox-DA if they are given access to the system by employees.

General Conditions

You can access Hessenbox-DA with a client software that HRZ provides (for MS Windows, Apple MacOS X, Linux, Apple iOS and Android) or with a web browser. Additional system requrements


Hessenbox-DA is funded by the State of Hesse and provided by HRZ for free, at least until May 2020.

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