Using Exchange with Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the native client for groupware in Windows. Except for changing the password, all groupware features are supported.

You can change your password via the web client Groupware web interface:

In addition to the basic functions such as e-mail, calendar, contacts and task management, you have many other functions for a better and easier collaboration.

All folders, calendars, appointments, task lists, contacts, notes, etc. can be shared with other groupware users. You can even appoint a deputy to write e-mails or edit your calendar on your behalf. Outlook offers comprehensive rights management for this purpose, allowing you to share or restrict content as you wish.

In addition, Outlook offers the possibility to export contents such as folders and save them locally (in pst format). Furthermore, the software offers other useful options, such as creating e-mail filters or auto-archiving for managing e-mails.