Goals of the HRZ

The customized provision and satisfaction of our customers and users with IT solutions is our claim and goal.

The TU Darmstadt supports the HRZ in its function as a central institution on this path. With a regular institutional evaluation, the TU Darmstadt accompanies the strategic further development of the HRZ and other central institutions, the departments, the central administration as well as the TU Darmstadt as a whole and thus supports quality assurance and development. The target agreements between the Presidential Board and the aforementioned institutions resulting from the respective evaluations form the basis for further action.

In June 2020, the Presidential Board of TU Darmstadt and the HRZ reached a target agreement for the next approx. 6 years.

This now serves as a guideline and point of reference for the future service offerings, actions and ways of working of the HRZ.

Amongst others, the following goals have been set:

  • The HRZ is the central IT service provider of the TU Darmstadt and thus has supporting tasks towards the decentralized IT structures, e.g. regarding information and IT security.
  • The HRZ continues to develop its services in consultation with the Executive Board and other responsible parties and users.
  • The HRZ describes its services in a digital service catalog.
  • The HRZ refines its communication with customers and users specific to the target groups.

The still quite abstract goals will be translated into concrete actions and these will be aligned with all stakeholders and the Executive Board. The conceptual work on this began immediately in June 2020.

All target agreements can be viewed TU-internal here.