Local contact persons at Hessian universities

Please approach your local contact person (see below) for access to the Lichtenberg cluster. In case your institution is not listed or does not have a local contact person yet, please directly.

Staff members and students at Hessian universities and universities of applied sciences need to apply for an “external TU ID”, aka “guest TU-ID”, prior of applying for access to the Lichtenberg cluster. Please ask your local contact person.

Goethe University Frankfurt

vacant, please contact with a DFN signed email

Justus-Liebig University Giessen

Marcel Giar,

University of Kassel

Ulrike Winzig,

Philipps University Marburg

Thomas Gebhardt,

Manuel Haim,

Hochschule Fulda

Thomas Opfer,

Ralf Lohmann

HPC Hessen

For all questions about High Performance Computing/Computers in Hesse, you can also approach our colleagues from the Hessian Competence Center for High Performance Computing.