User regulation

Access for scientists and research

In order to get your personal and personalized user account (or to extend its validity term) for the Lichtenberg high performance computer, the following user regulations have to be accepted, and the enclosed form (pp. 7+8) needs to be filled and signed.

For legal reasons, the regulations are available only in German (a translation is provided).

Do not share your user account (neither password nor ssh keys)! Collaboration is permitted only by being members in a common project.

Account Form

Please save energy and paper, and print only the pages 7 & 8 and in duplex mode (double-sided).


Please fill page 7 of the User Regulations (opens in new tab) print pages 7+8 only (duplex) and send the fully signed original by post to our address (refer to the “Contact” button right of this text).

Staff and students of other Hessian universities send the filled form to their local contact person .

Staff and Students of other German Universities

  • If you have a cooperation partner at TU Darmstadt, please ask your contact person to create an external “guest TU-ID” for you, which is a prerequisite for a HLR account.
  • If not, please send an email signed with a DFN-Certificate to in order to get an external (guest) TU-ID assigned by us.

With your valid and activated guest TU-ID in hand, please follow the above procedure.

Home Office/Covid-19

Since the Corona restrictions, we also accept scans of the completed and fully signed forms for preliminary setup/renewal. However, for legal reasons the paper original is required to be sent nonetheless via office post (address see the “Contact” button right of this text).

To see the expiry date of your own user account, use the command


after logging in.

Apart from that, you will receive an email reminder 4 weeks in advance, and at the exact day of your account's expiration.


To renew your HPC user account, use the same form with the same signatures and with the same procedure as described above.

Since your HPC user account is based on your TU-ID, you will retain the same login name (= TU-ID).

Unless you were inactive for more than a year, all data in your home directory will still be there, too.

Please note: the validity term of the HLR user accounts is completely independent of any associated project!
As projects may have several users and any given user might be associated with several projects, there is no easy way of unison. Your user account could thus expire even while you are associated with a project still running.

How to set or change my Lichtenberg password?

Since mid of 2020, your HLR login password is synchronized with your TU-ID password..

New users

For all new users (and users changing their main TU-ID password), the “Lichtenberg” HLR password is in sync with your TU-ID password. You log in to the HLR with the same password you set for your TU-ID.

Existing users

For that to establish for your own TU-ID, please log into the current IDM system of the TU Darmstadt (SSO – Single Sign On), and change your TU-ID password to a new one. A few seconds later, you should be able to log in to the HLR with that same password.

As long as you don't actively change your TU-ID password, your HLR login password remains the old (or last) one you have set yourself on the former “ANDO” portal.

The above holds true also for Guest-TU-IDs.

Cluster-Usage for courses (teaching, workshops)

For courses, lectures and workshops, we can set up separate accounts on request. Please find here more information.