Cluster-Access for courses and seminars

Teaching and seminars

Accounts for seminars are established on request with a maximal duration of two weeks. Semester courses are limited to six months. Course accounts have limited access, in general the number of CPU-cores and the maximum computation time are limited.

Courses up to maximal two weeks

Short time accounts for course members can be established for two weeks. The course instructor fills in the user request (course) (please ask us directly ), and send it signed to us by post or internal mail. We will then establish the requested number of course accounts and provide the instructor with a list of accounts with access data. The instructor assigns course members to accounts, and documents the assignment. The instructor is responsible for the lawful use of the cluster.

Courses up to maximal six months

It is also possible to request access to the Lichtenberg High Performance Computer for semester-long courses. In order to provide the students with accounts, we need the following information:

  1. A request by the instructor of the course (signed original sent by post/internal mail to the contact address shown on the right side.
  2. The instructor sends in the TU-IDs of all students by email (simple text data, one TU-ID per line) to . Without TU-IDs, accounts cannot established (Please refer to your user request).
  3. For each student, we need the signed original of a personal user request. We ask the instructor to gather all request and send it in one package to HRZ by post/internal mail.

Please consider that the establishing of the user accounts will take in general three working days. Each participant will be informed after verification and activation of the account.