All locations at a glance

The webcams of the HRZ are placed at several locations of the TU Darmstadt and provide insights and views of the campus and the surrounding area.

Background information

On the 17th of June, 2000, two web cams were installed on the roofs of TU Darmstadt's mechanical engineering building complex. They were originally used to document the summer fest “Athene möchte feiern”.

When construction on Darmstadt's congress centre “darmstadtium” began in 2004, two additional web cams were installed to document progress in terms of its construction. These cameras also made it possible to view the worksite in the first place. One camera was therefore permanently installed in Darmstädter Schloss's bell tower and a portable camera was installed on the roof of TU Darmstadt's administration office.

Two more web cams were added at these locations in 2005. They were also placed there in order to help document the construction project concerning the new entrance at karo 5 building.

Meanwhile you will find various possibilities to view many locations regarding TU Darmstadt's campus and its surroundings.