• Employees – Everyone who has a contract of employment with TU Darmstadt and is registered in the SAP via Directorate [Dezernat] VII.
  • Students – All students who are registered regularly at TU Darmstadt and have a matriculation number.
  • Guest Students – Those who wish to participate in courses of TU Darmstadt without the usual requirements or a university entrance eligibility. More information.

Furthermore there are possibilities for groups of people with a legitimate interest in a TU-ID, who are not part of the groups mentioned above, to apply for a TU-ID for guests [Gast TU-ID] via the Staff of TU Darmstadt. For further information please view below under “Who is eligible to a TU-ID for guests?”.

With the TU-ID you can log in to many IT-Systems at TU Darmstadt. This way you only need a user ID (TU-ID) and the corresponding password. Furthermore you need a TU-ID to receive a Athena card.

A summary of the most important Services only accessible with a TU-ID can be viewed on the page Usage of the TU-ID.

If you do not regularly receive a TU-ID but have a legitimate interest in a TU-ID, you can apply for one via the application form of the HRZ-Service. The application may only be filed by a natural person, who is employed by TU Darmstadt. This person is then the contact person and is responsible for the TU-ID for guests.

Examples for groups of people with a legitimate interest:

  • External doctoral candidates who do research at the departments of TU Darmstadt
  • Student assistants of other universities, who work for a facility of TU Darmstadt
  • Research partners, visiting professors, emeriti
  • Members of Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt

HRZ-Service contact

Access to the TU-ID, Forgotten Password

The emergency contact is a personal email address other than the address received from TU Darmstadt. Alternatively you can use your mobile number. The emergency contact is used exclusively for recovering the password.

The emergency contact can be set in the IDM-Portal (user portal of the identity management), in the section “Notfallkontakt”: www.idm.tu-darmstadt.de/idmPortal

If you have forgotten your password and haven't set any emergency contact yet, the HRZ-Service counter staff can help you to specify an emergency contact on site. Please bring a photo ID.

Since this service can only be provided by the staff and not by the student assistants, please come in the core hours of the service desk (usually 8-16 o'clock), or check the HRZ-Hotline for available staff.

The opening hours may be found on the page www.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de/service

Accessing the TU-ID, forgotten password

If you have set an emergency contact in your TU-ID account (a private mail address or mobile number), you can set a new password on this page: https://www.idm.tu-darmstadt.de/passwordRecovery. Please follow the instructions given there. For further questions please contact the HRZ service.

If you should forget your password without having set an emergency contact, the staff at the HRZ service counters can help you set an emergency contact on site.

Please bring along photo identification.

Since this service can only be provided by the staff and not by student assistants, please come during the core times of the service counters (usually 8-16 o'clock), or check the HRZ-Hotline if any staff is present.

The opening hours can be found on our homepage under www.hrz.tu-darmstadt.de/service

Passwords not changed since 02/14 do not comply with our new password policy.

The following actions are recommended: Check if you have set an emergency contact (a private mail address or mobile number) under the following link:


If a valid emergency contact is available, please use the password reset function to set a new password. The password recovery function can be found here:


This procedure is only required once. Afterwards you can set your password in the usual way over “Passwort setzen” in the user portal.

Everyone who has set a password after March 2014 can ignore this, as your password is compliant with the newest password policies.

You receive an activation code, with which you can start the activation process under this link: http://www.idm.tu-darmstadt.de/activation. Furthermore the following personal information will be asked of you:

  • Students – You require the activation code, your matriculation number and your date of birth
  • Guest students – You require the activation code, your guest student number and your date of birth.
  • Employees – Your require the activation code, your staff registration code and your date of birth.
  • Guests (TU-ID for guests) – Your require the activation code, the activation number and your date of birth.

The activation code is sent to you via post, as soon as the TU-ID is registered in the system. This may happen through different ways:

  • Students in the first semester – You receive your activation code with your matriculation letter [Immatrikulationsschreiben] or your study data sheet [Studiendatenbogen].
  • Guest students – you recieve your activation code in the confirmation letter upon your application for guest students.
  • New employees – You receive a personal letter with the activation code to your organisational unit via internal post. Please ask at your new place of employment about mail for you as soon as possible.
  • Guests (TU-ID for guests) – The letter with the activation code is sent to the person who has applied for the TU-ID for guests for you via internal mail.

If your activation code is no longer accessible and the TU-ID is still inactive, you can receive help from the HRZ service.

You will receive help on site, if you come to our service counters with a photo identification. As soon as you have identified yourself, our staff will help you with the activation process.

For employees we can alternatively send the activation code to the organisation unit set in the system via internal mail.

  • Studierende – Three months after the de-registration.
  • Employees – Four weeks after the end of the contract.
  • Guests (TU-ID for guests) – Up to the expiration date stated in the application.

No, this is not intended. You are assigned a TU-ID in the format xx12abab.

If you enter the wrong password several times in a row, your TU-ID will be blocked for several minutes. This way we can stop third parties from abusing your account by trial and error. If you are sure you still know your password, please wait a few minutes and try again. Should you not know your password anymore please reset it via your emergency contact. (see above: “I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?”).

We recommend to set a secure password which you can easily remember. You can find further tips here.

This can happen if you have a password shorter than nine characters. Set a new password via the emergency contact that is compliant with the password policies or, in case of no valid emergency contact, seek out the HRZ service counter.

In case this does not help, please write the HRZ service a ticket with your TU-ID in it.