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TU-ID at TU Darmstadt

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TU-ID is the central user ID at TU Darmstadt. It consists of a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. ab12efyz). It is defined once and cannot be changed.

TU-ID offers

Access to many systems at TU Darmstadt, such as WiFi (eduroam).

Receiving your TU-ID

All students and employees of TU Darmstadt automatically receive an unchangeable TU-ID, when they start studying or working at TU Darmstadt. However, users still have to activate these independently via IDM-Portal .

Individuals who are neither employees nor students at TU Darmstadt may receive a Guest TU-ID if there is a legitimate interest in accessing the IT systems of TU Darmstadt.

TU-ID for students at TU Darmstadt

TU-ID for employees of TU Darmstadt

TU-ID for guests and partners


  • Your TU-ID is public. Keep the password secret!
  • There are differences between TU-IDs and WiFi visitor accounts. (Details)


Having and using a TU-ID is free of charge for employees and students.