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TU-ID at TU Darmstadt


The TU-ID is the central user identification at TU Darmstadt. The TU-ID consists up of a combination of numbers and letters (e.g. ab12efyz). Once it is received by the user it cannot be changed any more.

The TU-ID grants

Access to many systems at TU Darmstadt, such as the Wi-Fi.

The TU-ID costs

The TU-ID is available for free.

Receiving the TU-ID

Find out how to receive a TU-ID as a student here.

Find out how to receive a TU-ID as an employee here.

The TU-ID is activated via the IDM-Portal.
You will be guided through the activation process there.

Important Notice

Your TU-ID is public. The corresponding password is confidential!

You can find the IDM-Portal under the address

There are many ways to administer your digital identity in the IDM-Portal:

  • Change your password
  • Change your emergency contact, which is required to restore your password.
  • View your data sheet and enquire how the HRZ uses your personal data.
  • View your group memberships
  • Agreements to terms of use
  • For employees:
    • Maintaining of business contact details
    • Setting up Wi-Fi for guests
  • For students:
    • Email configuration