TU-ID für Mitarbeiter/-innen

TU-ID for employees of TU Darmstadt

At the start of employment new employees receive an activation letter [Aktivierungsschreiben] via internal mail. Inside you will find all information required for activation of the TU-ID. In addition to this you need a staff registration code and an email address.

The TU-ID is generated automatically and uses the format “ab12efyz”.

Activate your TU-ID now.

Account Management in the IDM-Portal

You can find the IDM-Portal under https://www.idm.tu-darmstadt.de/idmPortal/

There you can:

  • Change your password
  • Change your emergency contact, which is required to restore your password.
  • View your data sheet and enquire how the HRZ uses your personal data.
  • Set up Wi-Fi accounts for guests
  • Maintain business contact details