Groupware. E-Mail – Appointments – Contacts

Groupware-Bild: Frau sitzt vor einem Laptop und Meditationshaltung. Einfach. Besser. Organisiert.
Simple. Better. Organized.

Groupware (Microsoft Exchange) combines your e-mail inbox with the organization of appointments, contacts and tasks in your institution.

It supports your own work organisation and cooperation with your colleagues.

Groupware is accessible via client, mobile and via a web interface.

Groupware offers you

  • Your personal mailbox that only you can access (
    • Your appointment calendar, which you can share with your colleagues
    • Your address books
  • Functional mailboxes for multiple users (
  • Distribution groups that pass on information to many recipients (
  • Your resources (for example, meeting rooms), that you can manage yourself
  • Contact objects that forward e-mails to a target e-mail address within the TU Darmstadt

Details on the scope of functions and support services can be found in the currently valid service description (in German).


The fees apply exclusively to organizational units of the TU Darmstadt. For the time being, billing will be done annually.

The list of fees (in German) can be found here.