Printing and scanning in our PC pools

Students of TU Darmstadt have access to several black/white and colour laser printers in the PC pools of the HRZ. Furthermore, documents up to a size of DIN-A3 can be scanned and easily sent to the e-mail address stored in the IDM.

User groups

The printers in the PC pools of the HRZ are available to students of TU Darmstadt. The members of the association “Vereinigung von Freunden der Technischen Universität zu Darmstadt E.V.” can also use the printers in the PC pools of the HRZ.

Service characteristics


  • DIN A3 in black/white and colour
  • DIN A4 in black/white and colour
  • Duplex printing on all printers


  • Scan documents up to a size of DIN-A3
  • Convenient sending of scans to the e-mail address stored in the IDM

Locations and opening hours of the PC pools

List of available printers

Note: Several large-format scanners are available in the ULB at both the Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese locations.

The printers can be used both with the computers in the PC pool and with your own computer. On the pool PCs, the nearest black/white printer is preset as the output device. You can find instructions for printing in the PC pools here .

If you want to use the printers from your own computer, you must install the client and the appropriate printer drivers yourself. Please read our instructions for Windows ,OS X and Linux .


In the PC pool S1|02/030, two printers are combined into one queue. You cannot directly address a specific printer. Unfortunately, you cannot predict on which printer the print job will be output. Several jobs shortly after each other are output on the same printer.

You can find an overview of our printing prices in the PC poolshere or in the portal under the item “Rates”.

The print account is debited when a print job is created. A print job can only be executed if the available credit is sufficient for the print job.

You can charge your print credit via the transfer bookers in the PC pools (L1|01 054 or S1|02 030).

Your current print credit can be viewed

Overview print credit

You can find a short overview of your print credit and your data stored in the printing system here. For the login you need your TU-ID and the corresponding password.