IEEE 802.1X connection
Manual for Mac OS X 10.6

Configuration and authentication

Please always plug the cable into the far right port as shown in the picture!

  • Click the Network Connections icon at the top right of the menu bar and select Open System Settings “Network”.
  • First select your adapter for your connection via network cable, e.g. Ethernet, and then click on the button “More options…”.
  • Click on the button with the “plus” symbol on the left in the user profile area and add a new user profile.
  • You can then give the new user profile a name.
  • For the user profile, you must now enter your TU-ID and password under User Name and Password.
  • Select “PEAP” and “TTLS” under Identification.
  • Then click on “OK”.
  • Now select the user profile for “802.1X” and then click “Connect”.
  • Your connection is now established.