Set up a VPN
VPN access for android with Cisco Secure Client


The following instructions describe a set up process involving a Samsung smartphone and Android 4.1.1.

install Cisco AnyConnect for Android
install Cisco AnyConnect for Android
  • Please install the needed client.
  • Then accept the following licence terms.
establish a new VPN connection
  • open your Secure Client and select the option that allows you to add a new VPN connection
  • server address:
  • certificate verification: automatically
  • authentication: EAP-AnyConnect
  • confirm that you are done
authentication and VPN connection
authentication and VPN connection
  • the according registration format should appear at this point
  • enter your TU-ID as the requested user name
  • the two groups “campus” and “extern” comply with the known VPN profiles in use
  • confirm your entry
  • you should now be connected automatically