Setting up VPN
VPN access for iOS with Cisco AnyConnect


The following instructions have been tested by using iOS 6.1.2 and Cisco AnyConnect Version 3.0.09115

install Cisco AnyConnect with iOS

1. Install the needed client. You can find it in the AppStore by searching for „Cisco AnyConnect“.

2. Allow this official software to access your VPN connection on the device you are using.

3. Click to add a VPN connection.

VPN settings for iOS

4. Now enter the following information:

description: „TU Darmstadt“
server address: „“

5. Confirm this entry by saving it.

Establish authentication and VPN connection

6. Now,a registration form should appear. Select the group “campus” as a profile and enter the following information:

user name: TU-ID

password: your according password

7. The connection is now established.

8. If the process was successful and there is now an active connection, you will see VPN's symbol appear.