Web portals

Here you will find a compilation of accesses to our web portals and online applications.

Identity management

IDM-Portal Changing the TU-ID password, entering emergency contact, agreeing to & revoking terms of use etc.

Communication and collaboration

BigBlueButton (BBB) Web conferencing tool at TU Darmstadt
Zoom Web conferencing tool at TU Darmstadt
Webmail-Interface Webmail for students
Groupware web interface (OWA) E-mail web interface for employees
Hessenbox Sync & Share System for TU members
ShareLaTeX Edit LaTeX documents online
TU-GitLab: Ultimate for Education
TU-GitLab: Core
Version management for software projects based on Git

Please note the usage rights for the two different instances. Read more


Licensing portal HRZ Portal for Software Management at TU Darmstadt
asknet Software portal Hesse for research and teaching

Studies and teaching

Moodle Central Learning Management System (LMS)
OpenLearnWare Online platform with free-access learning materials
Panopto Video Content Management System
Mahara E-portfolio system for students


Pool printing portal (Druckkonto) Printing in the PC pools (for students)

Data storage and backup

Media server Distributing video streams and other media files
Hessenbox Sync & Share System for TU members