Functionaliy of the Athena Card

Athene Karte's Functionality

Athene Karte combines different functionalities for TU Darmstadt students and employees.

Its functions in detail

Disclosure of TU Darmstadt membership: Your Athene Karte is personalised. By displaying your photo on your card, you can identify yourself as a member of TU Darmstadt (required for Mobilbitätskarte). Athene Karte is not an official identification card, nor work ID, nor a ticket for RMV.
Payment function for student affairs [Studierendenwerk] Money charging is possible at Studierendenwerk's loading terminals, which are located in TU'S canteens. With money charged to your card you can directly use the payment function provided by Studierendenwerk, e.g. in a canteen, to use the copying machines or to operate student housing's washing machines. By personalising your card, canteens can distinguish between students and employees more easily.
In case of loss, credit left on your Athene Karte cannot be refunded.
Library card for ULB
Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Darmstadt
After its activation your Athene Karte entitles the owner to borrow books and other media from ULB Stadtmitte and Lichtwiese, as well as from some peripheral TU Darmstadt libraries. Further services provided by ULB will be enabled as well.
Your printed library card number (0017…) and your PIN, provide online access to your loan account and corresponding user data. For more information, please visit:

Athene Karte: Visual appearance, nature and scope of data:

(1) The surface of the card entails:

  • first name
  • surname/ family name
  • student identification number
  • photo (optional for employees)
  • student ID description
  • serial number of card
  • library card number
  • library number in form of a bar code
  • university logo
  • logo and lettering: Studierendenwerk
  • logo and lettering: ULB
  • logo and lettering: HRZ

(2) Athene Karte's data memory includes the following data:

  • identification number (UID)
  • serial number of chip card
  • electronic payment data (Studierendenwerk)
  • library card number
  • access number (electronic locking system)
  • memory for locker access (ULB library)
  • time recording number (currently not in use)
  • validity period of card
  • registration as a student or an employee
  • responsible institution (“Hochschulnummer”)
  • technical processor data