Athene Card at TU Darmstadt

Athene Card at TU Darmstadt

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A personalized Athene Card is issued for all TU Darmstadt students and staff. As a multifunctional chip card, it offers a variety of functions.

Athene Card makes it possible to

  • identify yourself as a member of TU Darmstadt
  • pay for student union offers (e.g. meals in dining halls)
  • lend literature and media, as well as use of lockers from ULB
  • use printers at computer pools
  • use ASTA CarSharing services
  • access to university stadium

How to get your Athene Card

An Athene Card is immediately issued for every new student and employee at TU Darmstadt. A TU-ID is required for this process. The first card is free of charge.

  1. Employees are asked to check their business contacts in TU Darmstadt's IDM portal. In order to do so, please use the link titled “persönliche Accountverwaltung” in the category “dienstliche Kontaktdaten”. This is not required for students.
  2. Upload a photograph to “Benutzerportal”. It must comply with the according technical requirements. The photograph can be uploaded by using the tab “persönliche Daten”. If you need any help with this process please resort to our photo station.
  3. Your Athene Card should approximately be available within one week. You will be notified via email.

Students can buy Athene Cards at the lending desk at ULB Stadtmitte during opening hours.

Employees can obtain their Athene Card at HRZ service counter.

An Athene Card will only be issued personally to the respective holder upon presentation of photo ID.


Theft of Athene Card

In the event of theft, have your card blocked immediately at ULB (06151 – 16-76210).

You can have a new Athene Card printed out at HRZ Service (location “Stadtmitte”). Bring a police loss report with you. This will save you a fee of 20 euros. (See also “My Athens card has been stolen. What do I have to do?”)


Your first Athene card is issued for free. Any further cards (in case of loss) can be purchased for 20 Euros per card.