IEEE 802.1X connection
Manual for Linux

Configuration and authentication

This guide was created using Ubuntu 19.10 with the KDE Desktop interface.

  • Start with a right click on the connection icon.
  • Then click on LAN settings under cabled….
  • In the “Network” window, click the Settings icon in the “Cabled” box.
  • Now click on the tab “Security” and carry out the following steps:
    • (1) Activate the slide switch for “802.1x security”.
    • (2) Select “Protected EAP (PEAP)” under theitem “Legitimacy”.
    • (3) The “T-TeleSec_Global_Class_2-pem” certificate is required as the certificate. You can download this certificate from the official pki dfn site as .pem file format Download
  • Please select “MSCHAPv2” under the item “Internal legitimacy”.
  • (4 and 5) Enter your TU-ID in the box “Username” and enter the corresponding password.