E-Mail Infrastruktur

Email infrastructure

HRZ operates TU Darmstadt's email infrastructure by use of central email gateways, through which all emails leaving or entering TU Darmstadt's network are routed. Within its framework of IT security at TU Darmstadt, all incoming and outgoing emails are checked for viruses and incoming spam emails are filtered.

Service features: TU Darmstadt's email infrastructure

Our email gateway consists of:

  • a MailOut server for sending emails via decentralized email servers (central outgoing mail server),
  • a MailOut internal server exclusively for sending emails internally (this is an internal outgoing mail server; for example for printers, faxes or servers which are not mail servers and which must or should send emails without authentication),
  • and a MailIn server for receiving emails coming in from outside our campus.

As part of TU Darmstadt's IT security policy, a Sophos Puremessage Server scans all incoming and outgoing emails for viruses and filters incoming spam.

In addition to HRZ's central email servers, decentralized email servers can be operated locally by institutions. These are bound to HRZ's email gateways and can therefore use the central MailOut server, after being registered accordingly.

Framework conditions and use





The service is free of charge.