E-Mail – Appointments – Contacts

Groupware (Microsoft Exchange) combines your e-mail inbox with the organization of appointments, contacts and tasks in your institution. It supports your own work organisation and cooperation with your colleagues.

Access to attachments in the Groupware web interface

Since 14 March 2024, a security update has been installed on the servers of the Groupware service, which restricts the use of the Groupware webinterface (OWA)as a side effect: no attachments can be downloaded from e-mails and images in the mail text are not displayed (“inline images”).

You can access attachments by using a mail programme (e.g. Outlook) or by activating the “light version” of the Groupware webinterface (OWA) This is possible, for example, directly in the login screen for the respective session or, if you want the function permanently, via the menu “Einstellungen” > “Optionen” > “Allgemein” > “Light-Version” > “Speichern”.

This restriction will be rectified as soon as Microsoft releases a corrected security patch and this is installed.

Warning about Outlook apps

The new Outlook app for Windows 10 and 11 and the Outlook apps on mobile devices (Android and iPhone) must not be used!

These apps send your login data (login name and password) to Microsoft, which in particular violates the TU-ID terms of use. The new Outlook app ensures that all your emails are sent to Microsoft for analysis. Therefore, the use of the Outlook app for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and the new Outlook app for Windows is prohibited for information security and data protection reasons.

However, the classic Outlook programme can still be used. This is part of the Microsoft Office package and retrieves emails directly from our servers without storing the login data in the Microsoft Cloud. You can use Outlook under Windows and MacOS in the current versions (2016, 2019 and 2021 as well as M365).

The use of the web-based version, the Outlook Web App (OWA), is also uncritical.

The classic Outlook is also currently being revised by Microsoft. If there are any restrictions on use in future versions of the Outlook included with Office, we will inform you.

User groups

Employees automatically receive the central e-mail address firstname.lastname{runningnumber} when the TU-ID is activated.

Institutions can apply for the Groupware service and thus use extended functionalities.

The central e-mail address for employees

As an employee of the TU you will receive a personal mailbox

  • automatically provided with the activation of your TU-ID.
  • with your central e-mail address firstname.lastname{runningnumber}
  • with an appointment calendar that you can share with your colleagues.
  • with a university-wide address book.

You can find your central e-mail address in the IDM portal under Persönliche Accountverwaltung > Zweckgebundener Datenbrief > Selbstauskunft > E-Mail-Angaben.

Further informationen on your personal mailbox

The provision of the e-mail address in the central domain as well as the corresponding mailbox are provided for the duration of employment at TU Darmstadt.

  • With activation of the TU ID, the e-mail address in the central domain and the e-mail inbox are generated.
  • Leaving TU Darmstadt/termination of employment: Mailbox and e-mail address are automatically deleted.
  • Reading access to the letterbox is still possible for 30 days after termination of contract. Sending e-mails is no longer possible during this period.

If the person is to continue to be reachable by e-mail after leaving TU Darmstadt, the Groupware service offers two options for accessibility. Please be sure to consult our checklist for more information: Employee is leaving the TU Darmstadt – What is to be done? (opens in new tab)

How-to Video: Employee leaves TU Darmstadt (02:53 Min.)

If your organisational unit operates its own e-mail server, a redirection of the central e-mail address to your decentrally operated mailbox is mandatory.

Please set up the redirection (opens in new tab) as soon as possible.

Become a customer of the service groupware

In addition to the central e-mail address for employees, the groupware service offers additional service features.

Service features for groupware service customers

  • Extension of personal mailbox for employees
  • Personal mailboxes for guests, partners, lecturers and student assistants
  • Functional mailboxes for multiple users (
  • Distribution groups that pass on information to many recipients (
  • Your resources (e.g. meeting rooms), that you can manage yourself
  • Forwarding, which forwards e-mails to a specified e-mail address within TU Darmstadt
  • Extended reachability, 12-month forwarding of the central/existing e-mail address to external, personal e-mail address

Further information regarding the service features can be found here .

Details on the scope of functions and support services can be found in the currently valid service description (in German) (opens in new tab) .

  • The terms of use (in German) (opens in new tab) describe and regulate the concrete use of the groupware, e.g. cause of blocking and deletion of accounts or the withdrawal of authorisations. These regulations apply for the central e-mail addresses and for the groupware service.
  • Outlook App: We strongly recommend not to use the “Outlook App for Android”, because your user data will be stored on external servers of the company “Acompli” (now: “Microsoft”). In addition, all your mail traffic will be redirected via external servers. This contradicts our terms of use. For these reasons we expressly advise not to use the “Outlook App for Android”!
  • Visibility of electronic calendars: In April 2017, the Dienstvereinbarung zur elektronischen Kalenderrichtlinie (opens in new tab) was issued and is valid for all employees.

The central e-mail address for employees is free of charge.

The Groupware service is subject to a fee. You will find an overview of the prices by clickinghere .